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Gunbot: What's in it for the future? (UTA, FOREX, and more)

February 9, 2024

Gunbot: What's in it for the future? (UTA, FOREX, and more)

While Cryptocurrency may be a newbie to the market, it is not going anywhere anytime soon. Cryptocurrency surely makes online transactions when it comes to funding transfers easier, cheaper and quicker. It breaks the traditional boundaries of doing financial transactions and investing. When we speak of its profitability, as for a trader’s point of view, earning a passive income through this medium is very important. More so, the invention of trading bots is of great help in seizing the market’s value. It’s no secret that the Crypto trading market has an ever-changing nature and because of this, some people remain to be cynic in the use of trading bots. 

Crypto trading bots are software programs that are created to help traders automate their trading activities. More so, these trading bots operate based on the interpretation of the market data. Generally speaking, these bots analyze the market actions such as orders, volume, time and price. They basically oversee the market’s price movements before they perform any form of trading activity, and they also react depending on a set of predefined rules. 

Gunbot is one type of trading bot that is widely used by traders across the globe. Unlike any other trading bots, Gunbot has unique features that separate it from others. This type of trading bot is not only cheap, but a one-time payment is also what is needed for its lifetime use. Apart from its awesome features, another top-selling point for this type of trading bot is its highly reliable customer support. 

As of today, Gunbot has thirteen versions. Its latest update, V13 has been recently launched a few days ago. Upon this latest version’s introduction to the crypto world, another version is already in the works and is set to be released in the public soon. 

Gunbot V14: What to Expect? 

Gunbot has a very active and supportive online community. A huge part of why it is continuously evolving and growing is its current 15,000 Gunbot license owners. All its upgraded versions and featured modifications are based on what the users want and need. 

As for Gunbot version 14, just like how this type of trading bot is taking over the crypto world,  bigger and better features are to be expected. In line with this upcoming update, the public eye was given a glimpse of what’s in store for V14, the following information was posted by “Gunthar” on the official forum of the trading bot:


One exclusive feature of Gunbot is its “Gunthy tokens” and “rank system” in which it will be automatically computed by your bot and you will then be listed on the general user’s rank list.

As for the rank list, the higher rank you are, the more features will be unlocked for you. If you reach the rank 20 and lower, you will be enabled to access this new feature “bitRage” - it is an arbitrage bot for Intra and inter-exchange arbitrage opportunities. 

Market Maker

In connection to the rank list, as mentioned above, the higher rank you are the more features you can access. Once you rank 10 or lower, you will be able to unlock another of Gunbot’s newest features, the “market maker bot” which is centered on margin and spot exchanges. This is what allows us to ‘create our own opportunities’.

Maximize Your Profits

With the use of the Market maker’s algorithm, you can take full advantage of all the possible arbitrage opportunities to boost your profits. 

FOREX and STOCK exchanges 

Gunbot is also set to penetrate the Forex and Stock market, this feature is currently what is being developed in V14. Gunbot is looking to be connected with Mt4 and cTrader. 

As for the latest version (V13), it is now linked to cTrader. You can now use all native strategies with any broker supporting cTrader. 

Backtesting / Backfesting (TradingView)

Backtesting can be done using the TradingView add-on, this feature is backed by the Allanstar tool. As for Gunbot V14, you will also be allowed to use the same tool to tune your Gunbot settings, directly in Gunbot’s native GUI! Doing so will import everything in your Gunbot and collect all your values directly from your Gunbot core. This will give you added opportunities and better accuracy backtesting to your strategies. 

Ultimate Technical Analyzer Module (UTA)

This module will allow you to administer the whole TULIP library in Gunbot, you can choose from over 100 indicators to create your own trading strategy. 

Gunthy Tokens Exchange (Base Currency)

Gunbot is the only crypto trading bot that makes use of its own token/coins. You will receive these tokens once you purchase your license. Furthermore, you will be using these tokens to validate your license. 

With Gunbot Version 14, it will be possible for you to use your Gunthy tokens as your base currency against the highest volume coins. Gunthy exchange will be another highlight of V14 and this feature is open to all members of the crypto community. It will be implemented daily with rebates for all Gunbot users.     


Do You Want to Be a Part of the Gunbot Version 14 Evolution?

All the above-mentioned features are either already partly introduced in version 13 or will be fully accessible in version 14. If you want to be a part of the creation of Gunbot version 14, the good news is that you can! 

Join Gunbot’s special rooms wherein they build and test all aforementioned features 24/7 for the upcoming version. All you need to do is to contact your reseller and ask for you to get an invite you to join the VIP room, for free! 

Note: These special rooms are very selective. Once you get an invite, you will be a part of Gunbot’s transition and development. All members are working together, sharing their experiences with the crypto trading world, submitting proposals, solutions, and implementations for a much better Gunbot usage. All these for the common goal which is to device the perfect money-making machine! Since members of these rooms are people from all around the world, you have to take note of the following rules: respect, constructive contribution and be able to take insults. 

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