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Gunbot: Stepgain Strategy

February 9, 2024

Gunbot: Stepgain Strategy

Stepgain strategy in cryptocurrency works based on the current market’s trend and prices. It performs its trading practices once a specific trend reverses. Let’s say there is a quick trend reversal from downtrend to uptrend, this usually happens when an asset is close to the bottom of such price movement. When this occurs, you can buy the asset shortly after it had reached the bottom price movement. More so, selling also usually happens when an uptrend reverses into a downtrend. 

As for your buying and selling actions, you have to take note of the following:

  • Buying - determine a range below the EMA where your bot will buy. Your bot will buy a specific asset once the current trend changes its direction from downwards to upwards. Remember that this type of strategy will work with a range.
  • Selling - set your minimum and maximum profit range before you can be able to perform your selling actions. 

With Stepgain strategy, the trends are consequently calculated by XTrend and will also be visible in your logs. As for the results of calculations in the XTrend, it will depend on how you set your PERIOD. While XTrend is optional, you can also use your stepgain trigger directly on price reversals whether above or below the configured level. 

You also have the option to make use of indicators such as RSI or Stochastic as your verification to buy (only) or sell when it has a trend reversal and a certain indicator level occurs. 

Strategy Parameters

You can configure all your Stepgain settings in the strategy configurator of your GUI or the strategies section of your config.js file. 

Furthermore, note that all settings mentioned are applied to all pairs that are running this strategy and all these settings are also applied globally. If you want a different parameter to your specific pair/s, you can use an override at the pair level. 

As for your BUY_METHOD and SELL_METHOD parameters, you will be able to combine different methods for both your buy and sell actions. More so, take note of the following settings:

Buy Settings 

This will determine how your bot will perform your buy orders. The execution for your buy orders will be controlled within these parameters, while you are using the Stepgain method. 

Sell Settings

This will control how your bot will perform your sell orders. Your sell settings will determine the execution of all your sell orders if you use bb as your sell method. 

Indicator Settings 

These are the appropriate indicators that you should use in trading using the Gain strategy.

The following will have an effect on your trading. Also, your BUY_LEVEL for this specific strategy is dependent on EMA.

  • Period: PERIOD
  • Slow EMA: EMA1
  • Fast EMA: EMA2
  • XTrend Enabled: XTREND_ENABLED

TrailMe Settings 

These are the parameters that you will be using to set up your additional trailings for your different types of orders. This works just like the TSSL strategy, the only difference is the starting point. 

Balance Settings

Your balance setting determines the total amount your bot is allowed to invest in each of your trade. 

Confirming Indicator + Advanced Indicator Settings

These indicators will control all your other trading criteria, you are allowed to use several indicators for your regular buy and sell orders.

Dollar Cost AVG Settings 

These settings directly average down assets by bringing down their average costs per unit as their prices drop after your regular buy order. 

Reversal Trading Settings

This is for your Reversal trading (RT), an exclusive technique of Gunbot that allows you to continuously trade profitably when the prices move downwards after you purchase an asset.

Miscellaneous Settings

Your Misc settings let you control your stop limit and all your other uncategorized features.

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