What is BitRage?

BitRage is the first smart, triangular arbitrage bot that will automatically select all possible triangulation within the same exchange and send orders only if the final result is a profit. In the next upgrade we will add arbitrage options between different exchanges. If you understand how it works and set it up correctly the first time, you can use it like a miner, a set and forget & cash out for a living.
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How does it work?

Any coin that is present in at-least 2 of the base coins present at any exchange, can be your vehicle to move money.

If the final amount of BTC is higher than what you invested, it moves that money, else it doesn’t. It’s a very simple & powerful concept, backed by very complex code. Thousands of arbitrage opportunities with one click.


Select the amount of pairs you want bitRage to monitor and what exchanges you want to trade on (choose between 138 exchanges!). These pairs can be added manually or can be selected automatically by bitRage itself. That’s all you need to do, nothing else needs to be done!

Scanning for opportunities

From the moment you run bitRage it will simultaneously scan all your chosen exchanges to find a price difference. BitRage has 5 different ways to search for these opportunities. (see below)

Order placement

When bitRage finds a price difference, it will place all the orders automatically for you. But that’s not all, bitRage also creates its own opportunities with the Market Maker bot. This tool will try to move the market in the direction we are looking for.


You can watch bitRage live in action on your computer or mobile phone through Telegram message signals.

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Start earning passive income!

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How do you avoid saturation

In order to guarantee a long-term revenue stream, we are forced to limit the number of licenses available. BitRage is a very exclusive & powerful piece of software, so don’t take too long and buy it now while it’s still available.

Who can buy BitRage?

Gunbot owners always receive first priority when it comes to new goodies, seeing how limited BitRage’s supply is, this obviously implies that only Gunbot users can buy BitRage.

Not a current Gunbot user, and still want BitRage? Don’t worry, you can already buy a starter license for as little as 0.04 BTC. Please do keep in mind that the amount of exchanges you can run BitRage on will be tied to your Gunbot license. E.g. if you have a Gunbot Pro License, you can run BitRage on 3 exchanges, Ultimate 5 exchanges, etc.

What is Gunthy coin?

Gunthy token was implemented to add monetary value to your license. When buying your Gunbot license through Coinpayments, your Gunthy tokens will be sent to you automatically (there are 2 airdrops each day). You need to have Gunthy coin in your wallet in order to run Gunbot. Having your own coin has many advantages and is exclusive to our community. If you lose interest in one of our projects, you can always sell your Gunthy tokens on the market to recover your investment. That’s how proud and confident we are about our products! For more information about Gunthy, please take a look at the whitepaper.