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What happens after you buy Gunbot or bitRage.

February 9, 2024

After choosing to buy Gunbot or bitRage and purchasing your license at your crypto-trading-bot adventure starts. The people from Gunbot.storewill send you an email asking for your API keys and your erc20 gunthy wallet, depending on which package you bought you will have to give one or multiple keys as there is one key for each exchange. It’s very important to write down your private keys somewhere safe because most exchanges only show your secret key once. You can find your API very easy on the exchange you’re using.  

Once you passed your keys to the CryptoDailyTrading staff they will activate them and send you a message containing their after-sale support. You will find different platforms and groups both from the entire Gunbot community, bitRage trading chats as a private CDT group where the team helps their customers setting up their bot. The team behind CryptoDailyTrading provides full support to their customers in achieving the skills needed to run Gunbot in the most profitable way. However, while mastering your settings Gunbot provides standard setup’s that don’t need much specification to get you started right away.  

One of the best ways to test how your settings would react in the market before using them with real money is backtesting. Backtesting is a way to look how profitable your settings would be and to search for the best setup matching that time’s market. Our backtesting addon can be bought at our addon shop page.

After finding the settings you desire you just apply them to your Gunbot and it will run them 24/7 generating steady profit’s. The only thing you have to do is look for good pairs that you can let Gunbot run on. When a certain pair starts generating less profits look for a different one and let Gunbot do his thing again. People spend hours of their life day trading, looking at their screens waiting for that one moment to buy or sell. Gunbot does that for you on a constant basis, which makes day trading possible for people that don’t have the time to spend all day behind their computers.  

Your Gunbot license is a lifetime membership for both Gunbot and CryptoDailyTrading meaning that you always have someone to contact when things aren’t clear or not working properly and every update on the Crypto trading bot will automatically be applied to your Gunbot. The team behind Gunbot is constantly updating their program and looking for even more ways to generate profits. One of these examples is the V14 which will be released very soon, this update is for every past and future customer of Gunbot.

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