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Introducing Gunbot's latest V 13

February 9, 2024

Introducing Gunbot's latest V 13

Cryptocurrency now has a winning edge over other forms of online trading, it has taken the world by storm through its cost-effectiveness. Earning a passive income has never been easier and more scalable with cryptocurrency. 

Since we are currently living in a fast-paced world wherein our technological advancements are all catered to our own advantage, no wonder there is a continuous evolution in the crypto trading systems that help each trader with his or her trading operations. Trading bots are now a trend that enables traders to reach their full capacity when it comes to the viability of the crypto industry.

As for traders like you, one of the predominant trading bots that you can take full advantage of is the Gunbot. Gunbot is considered as the most advanced trading bot that has been developed to fit each trader’s trading preferences. What makes it more appealing to everyone is that it can be fully operational even as you sleep. Gunbot’s magnificent features get better and better as newer versions are being developed. 

What’s New in Gunbot Version 13?

Gunbot was launched in 2017 and since its introduction to the crypto trading world, it has been very useful and is also highly recommended by traders. To use this type of trading bot software, you have to purchase a Gunbot license. Each license has its own features and tons of unique functionalities. A great part of Gunbot’s evolution is its online community. Through the help of 15,000 Gunbot license owners, Gunbot V13 was also created. 

Version 13 is the latest and advanced update to Gunbot. This current version has noteworthy modifications that are based on what the mass of 15,000 Gunbot license owners is demanding. More so, it was enhanced by developers and beta testers who made sure to amend every unexpected error that might occur in the updated version. Strategies for both buy and sell were also enhanced, tested and verified by all developers and beta testers in the beta room as to its effectiveness. 

Note that there are only a small number of features in this version. This is because Gunbot V13 is designed to focus on bug fixes and to improve your user experience. As you can notice, this version has quite a list of improvements:

Gunbot V13 Notable Bug Fixes:

  • It has improved support for brand new currencies on Kraken, meaning you can use Gunbot to trade anytime without the need of an upgrade. 
  • Huobi and Bittrex: reversed orders array.
  • Binance: issue that will cause multiple buys.
  • Binance: issue that will miscalculate trading map values. 
  • ABP calculations: refine backward compatibility.
  • Repair Houbi ABP.
  • “lowerCase of undefined” error.
  • Enhance SMACROSS behavior.
  • Bitmex: cancel all stop orders if ROE is reached.
  • Fixes for manual orders directly on the GUI.
  • Bitmex: buy and sell orders, for both market and limit orders.
  • Kraken: STOP_LIMIT error.
  • “Waiting for open orders” (stop orders triggering).
  • Bitmex: TI_ALLIN (for long orders).
  • MACD-H display on custom strat.
  • “toLowerCase” error.
  • Available funds are only used now after an RT_SELL.
  • FUNDS_RESERVE (not being respected).
  • KuCoin: clientID issue.
  • Canceling a “buy,” set off double buy protection.
  • An error that causes orders to be canceled early. 
  • DU orders: enhanced triggering.
  • RT_SELL and RT_BUY triggering.
  • “Just bought” error.
  • CoinBase Pro: price precision.

Gunbot V13 Brand New Features and Changes:

  • Added Exchanges: you can now trade on Idax and Cobinhood through Gunbot V13. However, note that Cobinhood only has an API key, not a secret. Make use of IP restriction for your key for added security. 
  • Single Buying Order with SMACROSS: you can now limit SMACROSS to place a single buy order by setting it to SINGLE_BUY, instead of buying on every cross up. 
  • Enhanced Privacy for Cryptosight: use admin_id settings to determine specific user IDs that are allowed to view and interact with your Telegram bot.
  • Advanced GUI Template: optimized for mobile use, plus added color schemes and support in setting a custom highlight color. 
  • Bitfinex Margin Trading (TV add-on): all amounts should now be specified in a quote. 
  • Bitmex Alert Syntax for Closing Positions (TV add-on): instead of using CLOSE_ for both, you may now use CLOSELONG_ to close longs and CLOSESHORT_ for shorts.
  • Added Path for Log Files: you can now save per pair log files in the /gunbot_logs folder. 

GUI Modifications:

  • Redesigned login page.
  • Updated settings sections.
  • Enhanced tooltip texts.
  • Hide ROE_CLOSE for strategies that are not using it.
  • Modified mobile layout.
  • Updated jquery cdn.
  • Notification panel for mobile.
  • Added mobile themes.
  • Fixed imap tooltips.
  • Fixed navbar default active tab.
  • GUI Tone color-picker (theme).
  • New style and searchable dropdown selections.

TradingView Add-on (bugfixes):

  • LONG orders amounts (TV plugin)
  • TV buy order (Bittrex)
  • Bitfinex using TV plugin: issue that will prevent some buy orders.
  • Bitfinex: all amounts are now defined in a quote (CLOSELONG, CLOSESHORT)
  • Bitfinex: better respect order amounts in LONG and SHORT alerts.
  • Bitmex: errors for LONG, SHORT, CLOSELONG, CLOSESHORT.

Telegram Changes:

  • Display contracts and liquidation prices for margins.
  • Overview: hide the wrong data with multiple bases.
  • Create/Delete pairs: all changes are now saved after going back to the main menu.
  • Notification profit percentage.
  • Limit Cryptosight access to one or more Telegram users.

To Download the Update:

Download Gunbot V13 and save it into a new folder. Copy the config.js and gunbotgui.db files from your V12 and save it your new folder to keep your settings. Since this upgrade has new libraries, overwriting the executables for this release is not allowed. Furthermore, you also have to take note of the following:

  • Clear out your browser cache for your Gunbot GUI.
  • If you used https for the GUI, keep in mind that you should copy both your key and certificate files to your new folder.
  • For your pairs in DU or RT, include the /json folder from your V12 to V13.
  • Per strategy basis: new strategy parameters will be automatically added through the GUI in your first strategy update.
  • For better privacy, you need to set a new Admin ID for your Telegram.

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