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Haasbot vs Gunbot

February 9, 2024

Haasbot vs Gunbot


Haasbot only offers monthly packages, which are pretty expensive. Currently these are their prices:  

3 Months - Beginner: 0.028btc

3 Months - Simple: 0.049btc

3 Months - Advanced: 0.08btc

6 Months- Beginner: 0.05btc

6 Months - Simple: 0.088btc

6 Months - Advanced: 0.144btc

12 Months - Beginner: 0.073btc

12 Months - Simple: 0.127btc

12 Months - Advanced: 0.208btc


Haasbot's safeties and insurances are pretty similar to Gunbot's strategies, but they are still an itsy bitsy less advanced. Still, both Haasbot and Gunbot are very flexible and can be entirely modified to the user's wishes. The user can choose to configure either simple or extremely advanced trading strategies. Custom scripts are only available with the Advanced version of Haasbot.


Haasbot comes with a nice dark-themed interface, which looks very cool but a little overwhelming at first.



Gunbot is a one-time deal, with free lifetime updates guaranteed. Prices are pretty fair and much less expensive than Haasbot.

Standard Edition: 0.10btc

Pro Edition: 0.15btc

Ultimate Edition: 0.25btc


The developer of  Gunbot, Gunthar de Niro, has integrated certain exceptional concepts/ideas into its strategies, one of which is an advanced algorithm named Ichimoku, also known as the 'Emotionless strategy'. A beginner strategy included in the lite version, which requires almost no work on the end user's part. The strategy does all the hard work for you. Both Haasbot and Gunbot are considered to be amongst the most advanced trading bots in existence. Custom strategies are made possible with a TradingView add-on.


With the latest release, 12, Gunbot also improved its Graphical Interface a lot by adding a sleek darkish theme, while still remaining easy on the eye.  

System Requirements

Haasbot can be run on all major operating systems like Windows 7+, Linux and Mac OS X 10.11 or later and has to has at least 4gb RAM, 32/64 bit quad core CPU (2GHz or better) and a broadband internet connection. You can use your home pc, a vps or a raspberry pi for this.

When should I buy Haasbot

Haasbot is a very specific use case.

Because of the steep prices Haasbot's Return on Investment (ROI) will always remain lower than Gunbot's, unless you trade with at least 20k USD! So, if you are trading with a few thousand dollars, don't even think about buying Haasbot because you'll end up losing money on the monthly payments. If you have 20k+ to spare, then and only then Haasbot can be a good alternative to Gunbot. These two bots remain very similar to one another.  

System Requirements

Gunbot has similar requirements as Haasbot except for the small difference that Gunbot can only be run on 64bit systems. But let's be honest, this is 2018, who the hell still uses 32bit ;).

When should I buy Gunbot

Whilst keeping its fair price, Gunbot has claimed its title as being the most advanced trading bot out there.

This makes Gunbot an all-rounder; a good choice for Beginners (lite version), professional traders with high expectations, people trading with a relative small amount and high-rollers staking 100k+USD!

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