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BitRage: Smart Triangular/Quadrangular Arbitrage Bot

February 9, 2024

BitRage: World's First Triangular Arbitrage Bot

Arbitrage is not really a new concept when it comes to trading. This type of strategy is also being applied by people who are trading in stocks, bonds, and foreign exchanges. 

For people who are planning to join or are already in the cryptocurrency world, Arbitrage is one investment technique that is also used by traders to buy and sell their assets while at the same time, considering its price fluctuations to earn a good profit. In this process, the arbitrageur  (trader) then saves the returns gained in the traded assets. One good thing about arbitrage is that it is a non-risky profit for traders. 

Generally speaking, arbitrage is a practice of buying in one market at a lower price and selling it to another market at a bigger price. It is usually regarded as a “riskless profit”. Prices on exchanges should always be the same at all times, once they are not, arbitrage opportunities arise. 

In theory, traders are just buying and selling the same amount of the same asset at the same time. For example Company A’s stock trades at $10.00 per share on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and has an equivalent of $10.05 on the London Stock Exchange (LSE), you can buy the stock on NYSE for $10.00 and sell it for $10.05 on the LSE pocketing your profit of $0.05. 

Arbitrage Trading in Cryptocurrency

Keep in mind that arbitrage is done when an asset is purchased in one market and at the same time is also sold in another market but at a higher price. This process results in a profit from a temporary price difference. Traders make use of arbitrage opportunities such as buying a stock on a foreign exchange where a price has not yet adjusted from the fluctuating rate on exchanges. This practice is usually considered as “risk-free” profit for traders. 

Since cryptocurrency is still quite new in the market industry and all types of markets are spread all around the globe. At times, there could be considerable price differences between such exchanges, so traders mostly take advantage of these occurrences by buying crypto on one exchange at a low price and then selling it to a different exchange at a higher price. 

The vast fame of cryptocurrency has resulted in a huge demand for trading volumes on several exchanges all over the globe. As for these exchanges, they are not considered linked, and a low trading volume on some exchanges can also mean that its prices do not instantly adjust to the average exchanges. When these types of incidents happen, these are usually a perfect time to make use of arbitrage.  

Arbitrage in cryptocurrency is typically used by individual traders and entrepreneurs. In trading with arbitrage in crypto, it usually ends with a having larger profits. This may be both for individual or even established institutions. 

What are the Types of Arbitrage Trading?

Arbitrage usually occurs in Bitcoin or Altcoins. However, although this may give you massive returns, one of its downsides is that manual arbitrage trading can also be very tricky. As for the price slippage, it can change by the time you get to notice the price differences. More so, the fees on your dual trades may also affect your trades. Another thing is that the currencies you usually use in performing these trades have their own volatility.

Now, moving forward to our discussion about arbitrage. It is also important that you know about the several methods of trading in arbitrage: 

  • Crypto to crypto arbitrage trading - for this type, a trader does not take into consideration all fees that will be included in such trading. For example, let’s say you are able to buy a BTC for 10 ETH. You can simply sell it for 10.5 ETH, and save the added .5 (ignoring the fees).

    As for this type of arbitrage, being able to trade in crypto/crypto can be quite rare as the differences in different exchanges can be corrected immediately. Nevertheless, there are also exchanges that don’t require real-time withdrawals of funds. As for these types, such differences are not corrected immediately and it is a good opportunity for arbitrage trading.

  • Crypto fiat arbitrage trading - this happens when the amount of cryptocurrency to buy and sell for fiat is bigger on one exchange than it is to another exchange. For example, you are able to buy 1 BTC for 1000 dollars and then sell it for 1500 dollars. Your profits could also be in fiat, which you can set aside for reinvestment or withdraw it to prevent it from future risks.

    As for the withdrawal of fiats, it is not usually possible because of the withdraw policies of exchanges, including legality and taxation of fiat connected to Bitcoin. However, with the right configuration, you will still have a good amount of returns. 

Why Use Arbitrage in Cryptocurrency?

Aside from giving you a bigger chance of accumulating much higher gains, Arbitrage strategy has also other advantages in your trading practices: 

  • It has a huge number of exchanges - according to CoinMarketCap’s research, there are over 255 crypto exchanges across the globe and over 150 of which have decent trading volumes. These stats give great potential for arbitrage. 
  • The volatility of digital coins - cryptocurrencies change its prices most of the time. In reality, these vast changes give a greater chance for traders to have many profitable arbitrage opportunities.
  • A faster way of making a profit - unlike traditional trading, arbitrage can be done within just a few hours. As for traditional trading, it can take you about a week before you are able to see a price jump. 
  • The Crypto industry is just starting -  since cryptocurrency is quite new to the market and is also considered as fairly unregulated, information transfer in such exchanges can be slow. More so, there are also fewer traders as compared to other traditional markets. All given facts are indeed good factors for better arbitrage opportunities. 

What is Bitrage? 

As far as trading bots go, these bots don’t just perform the actual trading. They also assess how the market is currently performing before doing any transaction. In fact, these bots were actually invented as a result of the volatility of the market.  

Bitrage is one of the newest additions to the trading bots offered by Gunthy Ltd. As mentioned above, although the cryptocurrency is considered a novice in the market, it is currently one of the fastest arising forms of investment. Furthermore, it is continuously evolving and developing day by day and as included in its evolution is the invention of trading bots. These trading bots make the lives of traders easier and more profitable. 

Basically, Bitrage performs trading in arbitrage between different markets, taking into consideration the unsteadiness of prices on different crypto pairs.  

Bitrage: The First Triangular Arbitrage Bot 

Bitrage is considered as the first smart, triangular arbitrage bot. Triangular arbitrage happens when you leverage one arbitrage opportunity from a result of a price discrepancy among three different currencies in a foreign exchange market. This type of trading strategy makes a profit by triangulating the arbitraging of coins by buying three (3) different coins based upon a predetermined process of calculation. 

Bitrage is an automated trading bot that will automatically perform all your supposed trading efforts. It will choose all possible triangulation in the same exchange, and will only send orders if the end result will guarantee you a profit. 

Where Can You Buy Bitrage?

You can purchase Bitrage through Crypto Daily Trading by simply heading to our Shop page. Furthermore, you may also purchase Bitrage in all other accredited Gunbot affiliates. 

How Does Bitrage Work? 

In trading with arbitrage, you should always be updated with the current status of the market specifically for price differences, place trades and transfer of such funds. Keeping up with such changes and monitoring how the market is currently performing will require you a lot of work and it can be pretty exhausting. This is why Bitrage is created, it allows you to perform all the above mentioned, automatically without you exerting that much effort. 

How to Setup Your Bitrage

As for your trading pairs, you may select the number of trading pairs you want Bitrage to monitor as well as the exchanges you want to trade on. Take note that you can choose between over 138 exchanges. Moreover, all your selected pairs can be manually added or automatically selected by the bot itself. Once you have successfully set it up, you may also use this bot like a miner, a set and forget and cash out for a living. 

Bitrage: Limited Offer!

Bitrage has only a limited number of licenses available to all Gunbot users. Also, this newest Gunbot that is exclusive for arbitrage trading is only for a limited time so everyone is highly encouraged to avail of this Gunbot software while it is still available online! 

Who Can Buy Bitrage?

Since all Gunbot owners receive all exclusive news and offer and knowing that this type of bot has only limited supply, only Gunbot users have the privilege to avail of Bitrage.

But the good news is that, if you are not a Gunbot user but you still want to have Bitrage, you can have it now! Crypto Daily Trading offers a starter license for as low as 0.04 BTC. The total of exchanges that you can run Bitrage on will be connected to your Gunbot license. If you are an owner of the Gunbot Pro License, you will be able to run Bitrage on 3 exchanges, and as for owners of the Gunbot Ultimate License, you can run 5 exchanges. 

Gunthy Coins

All Gunbot users are well aware that Gunthy coins are required to activate a Gunbot license and the same thing goes with Bitrage. Once you have purchased a Bitrage license, you need to have Gunthy coins in your wallet to run it. 

As for Crypto Daily Trading, if you purchase your license through Coinpayments, we will be sending your Gunthy coins manually. While if you purchase it through the OTC terminal, you will automatically be receiving your coins the next airdrop, note that there are two (2) airdrops every day. 

The concept of Gunthy Coins is created to add more value to your license and having your own Gunthy coins also have other advantages: 

  • Gunthy coins are exclusive only for all Gunbot license owners and users.
  • You can also sell your Gunthy coins on the market as a return of your investment.

Why Use Bitrage?

Bitrage basically enables you to fully automate your trading actions in arbitrage, it also monitors all possible exchanges for your chosen pairs and it continuously looks for profitable opportunities. Instead of manually buying one asset, then using that asset to buy a second asset, and selling the second asset with a greater amount than the first asset. Bitrage makes all these processes faster and just within your reach. Watch as you earn more returns in crypto arbitrage.  

As you may have noticed, cryptocurrency arbitrage can be very profitable especially if you have an in-depth understanding of the markets, how each is currently performing, as well as having the right tools for trading. Bitrage is a perfect tool to help you leverage the volatility of such markets, particularly with Bitcoin and Altcoin. You may have also been aware that Bitcoin has been recently at its highest peak and it has reached an increase in the market volumes of roughly about $1,000.00. With this being said, it is quite timely that Bitrage is introduced since the demand for arbitrage trading is also on the rise. 

Now if you are still pondering whether you should purchase Bitrage or not, note that, since it is only up for a limited time, all Gunbot users who have purchased this type of trading bot will have a greater edge amongst other crypto arbitrage traders. 

If you want to see how Bitrage works, you are free to visit the link below to see this type of trading bot in full action:

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